Recent study challenges concerns over short-term menopause hormone use safety in younger women, prompting a reevaluation of treatment practices.

WHO report: COVID-19, influenza, and measles primarily spread through airborne transmission, diverging from prior understanding.

US task force advises regular mammograms starting at age 40, biennially until 74, echoing benefits of early detection and aligning with medical consensus.

Healthy lifestyle choices in the US can add up to 5.5 years to lifespan by offsetting genetic predispositions, suggests study.

New assessment tools reveal hidden brain inflammation in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients undetected by traditional MRI scans showing no changes.

CDC cautions against counterfeit Botox injections causing skin numbness, urging consultation with trusted healthcare providers.

FDA warns against unreliable anti-choking devices, advises using the Heimlich maneuver for choking emergencies.