Challenging mental health and homelessness issues demands expecting solutions like the housing-first programs and comprehensive community treatment plans.

AI's accuracy matches human radiologists', promising to revolutionize healthcare by speeding up processes and improving patient care.

Study: US women with menstrual migraines lack access to effective treatments, underscoring the need for specialized centers offering preventive therapies.

The survey findings pinpoint challenges in people's decision-making amid healthcare coverage confusion, necessitating integrated healthcare solutions.

A groundbreaking study has raised alarms about the potential health hazards linked to the consumption of trendy plant-based meats.

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Climate change's impact on stroke deaths demands swift global action and cohesive policies to address disparities and promote community health.

Getting a driver’s license is doubtful for mood disorder patients as an affected group, and they might be more responsible for accidents.

Removing social and financial barriers is crucial for early mammograms, lowering avoidable breast cancer deaths in US women.

Elevated levels of aging in younger populations may escalate cancer risk, highlighting the need for focused research and prevention efforts.

Researchers have discovered a concerning trend in the United States, where more people are falling ill or succumbing to heat-related issues.

Nerve-stimulation therapy for sleep apnea, impacted by BMI, underscores the need for patient awareness.